Present Your Case to Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Fairfax

While it may seem like inoffensive horseplay to some, sexual harassment in Fairfax can be devastating to others. It is not a joke, and if you have been, or think you have been, subjected to sexual harassment, you should contact an Experienced Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Fairfax immediately.

Sexual harassment is a serious form of gender-based discrimination that deprives people of their dignity and equality. Sexual harassment can generally be found in two forms: hostile environment sexual harassment and quid pro quo sexual harassment. Both forms can happen in Fairfax. The hostile environment is found when Fairfax co-workers or employers subject the victim to unwanted verbal or physical sexual behavior. Quid pro quo harassment is when the Fairfax employee is subjected to demands for sex or sexual favors in the workplace.

If you live or work in Fairfax and believe that you have been subjected to either of these forms of sexual harassment, you need to contact a Fairfax Sexual Harassment attorney. If you delay, those who harass you may believe that their behavior is welcomed or accepted, which could lead to escalated behavior and more damage to your well being and work performance.

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